About Us

Our consultants are all independent contractors with many years of experience of working legitimately outside of IR35 in the Public and Private sectors.

Our Lead Consultant has worked legitimately outside IR35, since it was introduced in April 2000. He introduced the first IR35-compliant solution for an HMRC department; post the April 2017 changes. He:

  • Established an IR35-compliant requirement for the client.
  • Created an IR35-compliant response for the provider.
  • Installed IR35-compliant ways-of-working onsite.

The engagement was deemed IR35-compliant by HMRC’s own auditors and the setup is now being used as a template for other HMRC engagements.

We have also advised clients during HMRC investigations, ensuring that correct Outside IR35 determinations were reached; despite undue pressure from HMRC.

You can review our HMRC Case Study.

Our consultants: